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Botanical Medicine Suite - Herb Details

The Herb Details form is rather simple. It can be used to display a selected herb's properties and other information regarding a herb. It can also be used to add a new herb to the database, although very unlikelyDr. Michelakis has made the effort to populate the list of herbs with a vast amount of herbs and their properties in the database.This list is countinuously updating . You can obtain this list by contacting us or Dr. Michelakis himself (at no extra cost)!

More specifically, the textboxes that can be used to fill-in all the required information regarding a herb are the following:

  • The Herb's English Name
  • The Herb's Latin Name
  • The Proposed dosage for this herb
  • The Parts Used to make this herb
  • The Herb's family
  • The Chemical Constituents for this herb
  • The Herb's contraindications (enriched text supported, more than 65k characters)
  • The Herb's properties (enriched text supported, more than 65k characters)
  • The Herb's preparation methods (enriched text supported, more than 65k characters)

Moreover, you can assign this herb as a remedy to a selected patient from the database through this form. Please visit the 'List Of Herbs' article to see what the other options are inside the application regarding the herbs listed in the database.

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