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Botanical Medicine Suite - Outlook Signatures

The 'Outlook Signatures' form will allow you to create signatures for your e-mail messages through Outlook. You will have to name each one of your signatures first by keying-in the title of the signature in the corresponding textbox. You can select a picture to attach to each signature by clicking on the 'Browse' button which is located at the bottom of the form. Once you have done that, the picture for your signature will be displayed on the top right area of the form. In the signature textbox, you can write in the details of your signature (i.e. your name, address etc. plus any accompanying text, see the attached picture with this article). 

To display the picture (logo) for your signature in your e-mail message you have to select it's location related to the signature text. You can achieve that by inserting the "<<<LOGO>>>" (without the quotes) text on the location you wish inside the signature text. Once you are done with that, try to send a message through the application. You will see the signature attached. If the picture is too small/large compared to the rest of the signature's text, open the 'Outlook Signatures' form again and 'play' with the logo width and height (in pixels). Good values for those two textboxes would be: width: 184 / height: 58. That depends though on the size of your signature text. 

Once you are done with everything here and have set up as many signatures as you wish, each time you are about to send an e-mail the application will be asking you which signature (through the 'Mail Options' form) you want to attach to your e-mail message.

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