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Botanical Medicine Suite - General Parameters (Settings)

The 'General Parameters' form consists of two tabs currently. The first tab is named 'Folder Paths'. You can view/edit all the folders (full paths) that the application relies upon. Some of these folders are used when exporting lists or details. For example, when you export your patients' list to a PDF format file, the PDF to be created will reside in the folder which is displayed in the Patient Lists path on this form. You can change the path by clicking on the 'Browse' button. Please ensure that you choose a valid path that will be available at all times while the application is running. Normally, you shouldn't need to worry about changing any folder's path within this form. Once you select another path the changes will take effect immediately.

Note: Some of the folder paths are used internally by the application and therefore cannot be changed.

The second tab is named 'Others'. As more options are included in the application with every updated version, it is highly likely that these tabs will be moved or renamed or changed, to reflect any additions made. In the 'Others' tab, you can choose whether you want to use US dates format (mm/dd/yyyy) or not (dd/mm/yyyy). You can also set some predefined subjects for your e-mail messages dependent on what you are going to be sending as attachments in the future. For example, if you set an e-mail subject for your patients as "Patient Detailed Report", when you send an e-mail message through Outlook to one of your patients and decide to attach his/her detailed report, you will notice that the subject of the e-mail subject will be set as "Patient Detailed Report". The very same principle applies to the rest of the textboxes available here. The value for each textbox on this form gets auto-saved once updated and therefore the form does not have a save button to reflect any changes that may have been made.

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