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Botanical Medicine Suite - Overview Κύριο

Botanical Medicine Suite is a flexible, friendly and easy environment that will allow you to successfully manage your clinic. Botanical Medicine Suite has been created by .COM Business Computing in cooperation with Andreas Michelakis BSc, DBM. Now you can effectively manage your Patients, other Practicioners, Herbs, Appointments (can sync with Microsoft Outlook / Exchange) and your Patients Remedies.

Some of the benefits of using Botanical Medicine Suite:

  1. Full medical history of your patients by keeping track of their correspondent remedies log.
  2. Full contact details of other practicioners
  3. Detailed list of a massive list of Herbs
  4. Can set calendar appointments. Microsoft Outlook Appointments can be imported into Botanical Medicine Suite and appointments that are created within Botanical Medicine Suite can be exported to Microsoft Outlook.
  5. Easy to create Microsoft Outlook Signatures that will accompany all e-mail through Botanical Medicine Suite
  6. Ready made reports (patient details, practicioner details, herb details etc..)
  7. Easily updatable
  8. Built-in automated backup with the option of a 'Backup Retention Days', i.e. if you set it for 7 days, will be maintaining database backup sets for no longer of 7 days. Do not rely on this, we have made it as an extra feature, we encourage you to employ your own backup strategies along this one!

You can always check our article about prerequesities and installation.

Below you can take a quick look on some screenshots published regarding Botanical Medicine Suite. Alternatively you can check our channel on youtube.

To purchase your own licence of Botanical Medicine suite, please click here.

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